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College Magazine - The Ruiaite Monthly

Hey there, reader! We are The Ruiaite Monthly -- a college publication based out of Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College. We’ve been publishing our magazine every month since 2015 and don’t intend on stopping anytime soon. We are  committed to bringing you the best writing that India’s youth have to offer. 

What do we write about? What don’t we write about? In any given month, here’s what you can expect to find inside our virtual pages:

  • Critical analyses of hot-button issues
  • Interviews with the best of the best -- scientists, diplomats, administrators…
  • The geekiest meditations on technology and its ramifications
  • Pieces on the nation’s cultural landscape
  • Write-ups on what’s happening around college
  • Original short fiction
  • ...and much, much more. Trust us -- no matter what your tastes, you’ll find something for yourself.

Writing’s not all we do, though. Expect a stream of new videos to our YouTube channel, covering topics as diverse as skill development and herpetology. We also have our own podcast, Durbar , with discussions among students and interviews with specialists. And if you believe in the power of dialogue and discussion, don’t miss our trademark Mehfils , either! No topic is too large or too small for a Mehfil -- and if you’re interested, consider yourself invited. 

With the guidance of our Chief Editors Dr. Devayani Ganpule and Mr. Sandesh Samant a bevy of talented and hard-working Executive Editors have helped keep the magazine going strong through the years;

  • 2015 : Pankag Ghuge, Purnima Nair and Raj Kamble 
  • 2016 : Amrita Shenoy, Aniruddha Inamdar and Sarath Warrier 
  • 2017 : Apurva Tudekar, Madhureema Neglur and Ojas Chaudhari
  • 2018 : Aditi Kulkarni, Aditi Patil and Gayatri Godbole
  • 2019 : Gauri Ambedkar, Natasha Desai and Riddhi Solanki
  • 2020 : Aditya Negi, Prarthna Putran and Tapasya Iyer
  • 2021 : Aniruddha Dawane, Kirthi Kamath and Pavitra Jotsinghani


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AI, Watcha Thinkin'?

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