Admission 2024-25

Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities


The college ensures implementation and review of plans, policies and procedures through its well designed organisation structure which includes Principal, Vice principals, Deans, IQAC and all non –Departmental committees and associations. A Compendium is prepared by IQAC which lists out the rules and the roles of Associations / Committees / Cells constituted in the College. Quality Manual and Quality Policy are drafted to ensure highest standards of excellence in all spheres of its activity. Quality Management system is followed by internal audits and  systematic feedback system. Academic: Faculty undergoes need based training programmes to ensure continuous improvement in their competencies. Departmental annual plans laying down activities, certificate courses, seminars, industrial visits and training for students, are submitted at the beginning of the academic year to IQAC. Syllabus, Minutes of the Board of studies meeting, are all submitted after each departments’ Board of studies meeting in each term. Departmental audits are conducted to ensure quality in teaching –learning. Induction programme for orientation of newly recruited staff as per UGC guidelines is conducted.

Research: Under Autonomy, most of the departments have incorporated research component in their UG Curriculum. Adequate laboratories and instrumentation facilities are made available to the students and faculty for regular curricular requirements, training needs and research. Research Committee invites application from departments for their research proposals under various grants. Common notice for PhD applications for all departments is put up . 

Laboratory: Each department maintains a stock register for the laboratory requirements.Materials purchase registers and stock registers are maintained at the department level. Inspection and stock verification is carried out at the end of each year. Laboratory wastes is segregated in to wet, dry and broken glasswares and is disposed separately. Biomedicals wates from laboratories are collected in different coloured bags and is disposed through an NGO Enviroclave. SOP for all high-end instruments are displayed in the lab, a register is maintained. Upkeep of instruments, water purifiers, air conditioners is carried out through Annual Maintenance Contracts. Training is provided to support staff in handling of equipments and use of computers.

Library: The library is segregated into open book shelf, journal section, issuing sections, reference section, two reading halls and rare book section. Departments are allotted funds as per different schemes/grants to order new books/journals each year. Students and faculty are given library cards. Departmental library is maintained by the respective departments. The Library collection is completely computerized and all bibliographic details of books, journals are accessible to the students through the Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). 

Infrastucture Maintenance: Building and classroom maintenance is done on regular basis .Outsource agency is hired for cleanliness, hygiene and maintenance of infrastructure, gymnasium, classrooms and toilets. A gardener is appointed for maintenance of garden areas. Safety Audits are conducted periodically in Labs and college classrooms, corridors, open areas to ensure safe environment. Surveillance Cameras are installed in the campus for observation

Sports: Respective coaches for various sports including Badminton,Boxing, Gymnastics,Chocho, Shooting etc. are responsible for maintenance of sports facilities.