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Infrastructure utilization and maintenance guidelines


Guidelines for utilization and maintenance of Infrastructure was made for effective and judicious allocation, utilization, maintenance of infrastructure facility and maximize the provision for effective teaching and learning.


The College has established a system of effective allocation, utilization, maintenance of classrooms, computers, laboratories and equipment for effective Teaching –Learning. College explores possible funding from various grants ( UGC/ CE, Kaushal, DBT, DST/ Autonomy Grant/ RUSA ) and from the parent Body for constructing / upgrading and maintaining the infrastructure. 

Allocation of Classrooms and Laboratories

  • HoDs prepare the Time table and submit it to the Vice Principal Academics at the end of the odd semester as per the workload suggested by UGC
  • Vice Principals with 2-4 senior teachers of the Time Table committee constituted by the Principal prepares a ground time table for the College and  allocates the classrooms to different subjects/ Departments
  • The classrooms are allocated based on the size of the classroom and strength of the class
  • Heads of the departments ensure the optimal utilization of the laboratory during regular practical time as well as for the project work of students

Allocation of office space:

  1. The Principal allocates office space for various departments and space for an administrative office is allocated by Registrar in consultation with the Principal.


Allocation of Library space:

  1. Clear instructions are given to the library staff regarding the handling of library books.
  2. The library acquires, maintains and ensures efficient use of the latest copy of books, e-books, journals, documents and other learning resources
  3. The principal allocates the Library space and the facilities are extended to the current students, research scholars, current faculty and also to the retired staff members of the college
  4. Library services are computerized
  5. With prior permission of the Principal, the facility can also be availed by external users like Alumni and others 


Allocation of Sports facilities:

  1. All sports activities and Gymnasium is supervised and maintained by those in charge. Adequate sports facilities are provided in Gymnasium/ Gymkhana
  2. In charge of the Gymnasium decides the schedule in consultation with the Principal
  3. These facilities are also extended to outsiders( Boxing, shooting range, badminton, Gymnasium) for training/ practice  and also for inter collegiate / university level with the prior permission of the Principal


Allocation of common space and facilities:

  1. Common facilities  like Auditorium, Conference room, seminar rooms, Alumni hall, Common room, quadrangle, open Terrace etc are used for organising various co-curricular and extracurricular activities
  2.  With prior permission of the Principal, the common space is also allocated to outsiders 


Allocation of Equipment:


  1. Each Department is allocated various equipment such as laboratory equipment, Computers, LCD projectors, Laptops, printers according to their needs. 
  2. The Head of the department ensures that adequate laboratory equipment are available in the laboratory 
  3. The care, maintenance and control of the equipment is  the responsibility of the department 


Maintenance operations: Physical facilities are maintained( on a need basis) by the services of plumbers, electricians, Computer trained persons who are available on the campus. Also, Support staff also renders their service in maintenance.

Maintenance of classrooms & Laboratories:

  1. Classrooms with furniture, teaching aids are maintained 
  2. Laboratory infrastructure, practical teaching aids are maintained by the laboratory assistants of the respective department. 
  3. Furniture  and   teaching aids are renewed and repaired as a part of the maintenance policy
  4. All the maintenance work of the subject wise allotted classrooms are reported to the administration by Heads of the departments.
  5. Students are guided for the upkeeping of classroom and also laboratory facilities 
  6. Cleaning of the campus, the corridors and washrooms is done by Housekeeping before the regular practice and lecture begin. Toilets are cleaned twice/thrice every day  
  7. Whitewash of the building is done on a cyclical basis and in case of urgency it's done on a need base
  8. Day to Day emergency maintenance includes daily running repairs, like replacing the bulbs, water pipes, water leakage, repairing locks etc. 



Maintenance of library resources:

  1. The library staff is trained in caring for and handling library documents
  2. Bound volumes are carefully stalked and proper pest management is regularly done 
  3. Cleanliness and maintenance is regularly done


Maintenance and utilization of seminar halls and Auditorium

  1. Seminar halls and Auditorium are under the purview of  the registrar/   and the cleanliness is  taken care of by the housekeeping team
  2. Seminar halls and Auditorium are booked  by the departments/ associations for their various events on a priority basis


Renovation, Alteration and up-gradation of existing infrastructure:

  1. The principal decides the renovation and up-gradation of the existing academic, research and support facilities with the Planning and Evaluation Committee
  2.  The requisition is submitted to the management and the work is carried out after seeking permission


Annual Stock Checking: Annual stock checking is done by the Registrar. Stock checking is done for furniture, laboratory equipment, chemicals, stationery, ICT facilities, Air conditions, bulbs, tubes, fans taps, sports items etc.