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Ruia College Happy Feet 5K Marathon

Run for Fit India – For a Strong and Heathy Country 


Ruia Students Council and Ruia NCC UNIT (Girls and Boys) of Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College, Matunga organised Happy Feet, a 5K marathon, this Sunday. The event was a roaring success with people from around the city taking part in it. Students, kids, elderly people and even professors took part in this marathon and completed all 5 kilometers with dedication and unhazed determination.


The Happy Feet Marathon was organised in accordance with the Fit India Movement, an initiative to take the nation forward on the path of fitness and wellness. As a part of this initiative, universities were also encouraged to take on health related activities. Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College, having always been a strong believer in the concept of ‘Fit India, Healthy India’ undertook this initiative with tremendous vigour and zeal. The 5K marathon was a successful step in the direction of spreading awareness about Fit India.


The motive behind this was to encourage and get together not only the young generation but everyone, including the kids and the elderlies to take a step towards a healthier being. "Our younger generation is facing several health concerns due to increasing involvement in digital media, improper food habits and lack of adequate exercise.  As an educational institution, we need to emphasise the need for a sound mind and a sound body. The 5K run is just the first of our initiatives to encourage physical activity amongst our students, and to inculcate the habit of exercise" - said the Principal Dr. Anushree Lokur, while talking about the Marathon.


The marathon was scheduled to begin at 7.30 am and was inaugurated by IPS Krushna Prakash IG and Principal Dr. Anushree Lokur. It was a great success with more than 500 runners participated in it and completed the 5 KM enthusiastically. Even working individuals were actively present on Sunday morning to support the cause. First three winners were awarded with trophies, medals and certificates and top ten finishers received medals and certificates with the hands of Principal and Chairperson of Ruia Students Council Dr. Pradeep Waghmare.

This is definitely going to intrigue everyone for the forthcoming events of Ruia, specially the annual college fest. What a way to support a healthy cause, than to run a marathon on Sunday morning!

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