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Certificate Courses


Certificate Course: Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the disciplined art of ensuring that you use the best thinking you are capable of in any set of circumstances. 

Thinking per se is natural to humans; it comes easy to us. What does not come easy is consistent high quality thinking across the dimensions of one’s life. That is why “Critical Thinking” is a skill that needs to be learnt and developed for a high quality thinking.

In this course we will be dealing with most common errors people make while reasoning, and learn about various subtle influences which dominate our thinking. We also highlight how to avoid the errors, subtle influences and think clearly and effectively to achieve desirable outcomes.


Certificate Course in Heritage of Mumbai:

The certificate course in Heritage of Mumbai not only introduces the students to the heritage of this city island, or just to its history and architecture, but also to its communities, food habits, its lifestyles and much more...It takes the students on an interesting journey of the past through a unique combination of lectures and heritage walks by eminent experts. It will enhance the skills of students such as observation, critical thinking, and visual literacy and open up new career avenues for them.


Certificate course in Pharmacovigilance

 Pharmacovigilance is one of the highest rising streams of the health sciences industry, and in the last decade global Pharmacovigilance (PV) outsourcing business is expected to touch US$15 billion. Regulatory bodies such as the USFDA (The Food and Drug Administration, USA) and EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) are intensifying safety regulations, thereby boosting the adoption rates of Pharmacovigilance systems by pharmaceutical companies. Presently multiple job roles are available in the Pharmacovigilance in India. This course will provide an opportunity to students to explore about Pharmacovigilance, present status, and various aspects of Drug safety.


Certificate course in Introductory Bioanalysis

Bioanalysis is the qualitative and quantitative analysis of drugs in biological fluids (mainly plasma and urine) or tissue. Bioanalytical methods are widely used to quantitate drugs and their metabolites in physiological matrices. The determination of drug concentration in biological fluids is indispensable in pharmaceutical research. In order to investigate the pharmacokinetic of new drug candidates, to compare 

pharmacokinetic profiles of different formulations, or to monitor drug levels to establish the appropriate dose or frequency of administration, appropriate bio-analytical methods are needed which allow the fast and reliable measurement of the compounds in biological matrices.

Present course will enable students to get introduced to various techniques involved in field Bioanalytical sciences.Students will get hands on training on sample preparation techniques as well as quantitation of drugs from plasma samples using high end techniques such as HPLC.


Certificate course in Child Psychology

This course aims at introducing students to the different facets and aspects of child development. It focuses on both normal developmental challenges as well as special developmental challenges and the necessary interventions to deal with those challenges. 


Certificate course in Food Science & Quality Control:

This course is aimed at training and providing education on aspects concerning food selection, food processing and packaging, food analysis, food safety, food poisoning, hygiene & sanitation, food adulteration, inspection and regulations. The course will help the participants in their future endeavors to become a nutritionist, food entrepreneur, food technologists, food scientists to name a few.


Certificate course in Films -a language of Politics:

The students will be able to analyse political concepts and events, public policy, political behaviour and visions of politics and society as presented in films. It will help develop critical thinking the skills of description, appreciation and interpretation and promote independent thinking.


Certificate course in Web Development Fundamentals

This course is designed for individuals who wish to learn developing websites on their own. As this course includes all the basics required to build a static web site, anybody with basic computer knowledge can join this course. This course will clear the basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap & JQuery.


Certificate course in Big Data Analytics and Hadoop:

This course will train candidates to develop their skills in Big data analytics and Hadoop as a platform for the same. Course will ensure employability by making the student employable. We will also be responsible for assisting the student to acquire placements of those who successfully complete the programme.


Certificate Course in Aquascaping  and  Interiorscaping

The city population is increasing beyond leaps and bounds. This demands for construction of more office complexes, residential areas, recreational areas and much more, contributing to the erection of concrete jungles, leaving very little or no open space / gardens. In order to make up for the lack of garden, creating ones own garden in their home is the need of hours. It is possible to tastefully decorate the home/office/restaurants with underwater landscaping ( in a fish tank)  or simply by placing right plants in the right place,  aquascaping and interiorscaping respectively.

The greenery underwater and the smooth movement of the fish , gives a sense of tranquility to the on looker and a quick glance at the refreshing plants indoor not only makes one peaceful but also the plants contribute towards cleansing the environment. Such was the intention behind introducing this non-conventional course.

The aim of this course is to enable the participants to create their own aquascape and/or  interiorscape in their  living/working area.

Certificate Course in Organic Gardening

In a metropolitan city like Mumbai where people are busy balancing their office job and home get easily stressed out very often. In order to overcome this people are constantly looking for stress busters. An ideal way to release stress is to get back to the lap of nature. This however may not be always possible because of space constraint in cities.

The motto of conducting this course is to encourage people to grow their own herbs and vegetables all by themselves organically thus promoting healthy eating (food devoid of poisonous insecticides and pesticides) and to enable people to own their private little garden in their backyard, terrace or even balcony.

Certificate Course in Basic Sanskrit:

Come along,to learn one of oldest and well structured  language.


  • The language associated with our Heritage and rich culture.
  • The language resembling  Mathematics in its meticulous, systematic structure.
  • The language contents rich Scriptures and treatises on ancient Indian sciences, grammar, literature etc.


Certificate Course in Financial Accounting


Certificate course in Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry




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