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World Microbiome Day

World Microbiome Day World Microbiome Day

World Microbiome Day World Microbiome Day

World Microbiome Day


World Microbiome Day 


We are very happy to inform you that Ruia Microbiology Society will be celebrating World Microbiome Day this year too and we are proud to inform you that we are the only academic institution in India celebrating this event. Last year too we were mentioned by the World Microbiome Day association and renowned Microbiome journals appreciating our event on their social media handles. This year too we are back with an array of events and a talk to commemorate the day. 


We have four competitions:

1) Micromystery

2) Ecolution

3) Microbiodata 

4) I spy

The details of these competitions and the guidelines are mentioned in the posters attached below. All competitions will be held on Sunday, 27th June 2021. Refer the posters for time and other submission details.We are also organizing a talk on "The Future of Microbiome medicines" by Ms. Kristina Campbell, Science and Biotechnology Writer, Contributing editor, Microbiome Times, Victoria, Canada. The talk is scheduled on Sunday, 27th June 2021 at 7.30pm via Zoom.

Registration Link:

For the talk:  

For Micromystery, Ecolution, Ispy: 

For Microbio-data: