Career opportunities within science and technology are seeing unprecedented growth across the world, and so those who study chemistry are seeing their career prospects, develop right before their eyes. Chemistry involves study of all things- chemical processes, chemical compositions and chemical manipulation- in order to better understand the way in which materials are structured, how they react and how they change. Having gained chemical understanding at molecular level, chemistry graduates may choose to apply this knowledge in almost unlimited way, as it can be used to analyze all matter and therefore our environment.

Chemistry graduates have much scope to use their knowledge within a range of research sectors, including roles within chemical engineering, chemical and related industries, healthcare and more. Research careers are more diverse than they might first appear. One could be based in a university combining research with teaching in a pharmaceutical company, working on developing and trialing new drugs or in a public sector research centre. Some examples of the diverse research done by chemistry experts include discovery of new medicines and vaccines, forensic analysis for criminal cases, improving understanding of environmental issues and development of new chemical products and materials such as cosmetics, paints, plastics, food and drink. Closely related to the healthcare industry, the pharmaceutical sector, polymer industry, Cement and ceramic industry, agriculture, medicinal plant chemistry ( Phytochemistry), nanomaterials, petroleum industry are huge in their own rights, offering a correspondingly large employment market. Toxicology is another fast growing field for careers in chemistry. Interdisciplinary nexus can be built with Chemistry as it is the fundamental subject . There are a growing number of government funded careers in chemistry within areas such as law, policy, defense, public health and the environment.


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