Seminars / Workshops / Trainings

The Department of Psychology has conducted several workshops for the students to have a better understanding of the psychological processes and to enhance their psychological well-being..

Human Polygraphs: Lie Detection Skills This workshop involved helping students to understand the psychological changes that occurs when an individual is lying and thereby enabling them to identify lying behavior in other.

Perfectly Imperfect: Navigate Life Beyond the Pursuit of Perfection Although perfectionism is important to improve performance, maladaptive level of perfectionism produces anxiety and limitations in performance. This workshop enabled the participants in identifying maladaptive perfectionism and measures to reduce the same.

The Painted Smiles: Unmasking Toxic Positivity through Art Based Therapies This workshop used the principles of Art-based therapies to build psychological resources among adolescents.

Embracing Self-Compassion as a Survival Kit in the Hustle Culture This was a 2 hour workshop that was undertaken to help the students to understand the importance of Self-compassion and how it has to be developed for well-being.

Communication Skills This workshop Aimed at helping students to understand the communication process and to enhance the communication as sender as well as a receiver. It aimed at enhancing the Verbal as well as non-verbal communication.

Emotional Management Emotional development is an important aspect of human development. The Department arranged a 4 hour workshop to enable students to understand the sources of emotions and to facilitate the development of skills to manage the overwhelming emotional state.

Gestalt Therapy Gestalt Psychology is an important school of Psychology which enables individuals to have a greater understanding of self as well as others. This workshop was developed by the students to train the participants to the different techniques based on Gestalt therapy to enable facilitating well-being and development.

Art-Based Therapy Art-based Therapy has several techniques based on creative arts to help individuals to deal with the emotional and social problems. The students of M.A. Psychology undertook this workshop to help students to deal with the common emotional and social problems through techniques based on Art-Therapy.

Understanding Cognitive Processes This was a 4-hour workshop that involved helping the participants to understand the important higher mental processes such as attention, memory and decision-making and how these cognitive processes can be used effectively in the different human functioning.

Enhancing Entrepreneurial Skills This was a 4-hour workshop which exposed students to understand the important skills to enable them to be a successful entrepreneur and the ways in which these skills can be developed.

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