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BACM English

Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media (BACM) formerly known as Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM - English Medium) was started from June 2006 and is now under the broader umbrella of the Department of Communication and Media. A department which is vibrant, always buzzing with cheer, youthful energy, creativity and much more. This department offers a comprehensive three-year degree course. In three years, the students gain insight into the field of media. Divided into six semesters, the course offers in-depth guidance to all students who plan to pursue careers in journalism, advertising, public relations, corporate communications, radio, photography, media planning and buying, and film-making. Each semester consists of six subjects that are taught by leading industry experts and a preeminent faculty. In their final year, the students are given an option between Journalism and Advertising that they can choose for their specialisation. The course always stays up-to-date with the industry norms, standards, and practices making sure all students are better equipped to make a mark in the field of media.The Department is equipped with a state-of-the-art computer lab and recording suite, the department enables students to become pioneers in the field of mass communication and media. The course is taught by leading industry experts and a preeminent faculty. To supplement the theoretical knowledge, the students are given the training to apply what they've learnt in classrooms, on the job.


To create a dynamic learning environment which nurtures new ideas, creativity, research and develops leaders and innovators in the domain of media and mass communication.


Best Practices

-          Experimental learning

-          Audio-visual aides

-          Culture of critical thinking

-          Field work

-          Mentoring and counselling

-          Community Social Responsibility

-          Responsibility towards environment

-          Promoting mental and physical well-being

-          Open communication

-          Innovative teaching learning methods.

-          Gender sensitisation


Activities of the Department

Tilt Shift is the annual festival of the Department of Communication and Media. This two-day fest is conducted in the third week of January and it witnesses huge participation from colleges across Mumbai. With events like the 60-hour filmmaking competition (flagship event), photography, and reporting the fest concentrates on helping participants become well-rounded and better equipped to take on the world of media. With avant-garde themes like "Stories of the Streets", Tilt Shift pushes the boundaries of innovation and encourages artistic ideas. As a part of Tilt Shift the also take a step forward and pay their contribution towards society and for the same the students conduct various social responsibility activities like beach clean drive, Joy of giving and feeding the stray dogs are few to name.


Message from Head of Department

It gives me immense pleasure to lead the Department of Communication and Media, we are keen on providing a media education program that both responds to market needs and rhymes with academic standards. This program offers three concentrations in journalism, advertising in addition to an area in general mass communication. 

Our versatile & experienced faculties play the role of a mentor and transforms a normal student into a professional (mass communicator). We facilitate students in stimulating their creative urges, keeping in mind the creative nature of the Media industry. We offer our students a technology-driven professional environment.

Hope the department under my guidance succeeds in producing young professionals with an attitude and ability to bring about a positive change in society.

Our Team

Ms. Priyanka Desai

Ms. Priyanka Desai

Dr. Sandesh S. Samant

Dr. Sandesh S. Samant

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