The Department of Psychology is one of the popular departments of Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College.  It was started in the year 2008 owing to the increasing demands from the students and parents for the subject. The department has 25 seats at the TYBA level. Right since the inception, the department of Psychology has been striving to promote better understanding of human behavior among the students and to foster development of psychological strengths and skills in the learner.  This department works with the mission of making the students develop a strong theoretical basis of Psychology, with the blend of practical application.


- Development of research skills among students is an important objective of the department. Students are encouraged to take up independent research under the guidance of the faculty.

- The department also emphasizes the importance of student’s understanding of the world of work. This is done by encouraging Internship by the students in different organizations.


Best Practices

- Individualized attention

- Mentoring

- Individualized Performance Monitoring


Activities of the Department

The department with its association conducts different courses apart from the regular academic programs. Some of the important courses that it conducts are--Basics in Neuropsychiatric Disorders-Child Psychology-Marital and Family Therapy-Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy-HypnotherapyA very important aspect of this department is the intra-collegiate departmental fest ‘Perceptions’,PERCEPTION is the annual signature event organised by the department of Psychology.Under the broad heading of Perceptions department of Psychology conducts various workshops, which are organised and managed by the students for the students. Perception provides a unique opportunity to the students to exhibit and apply their skills. Along with workshops it also organizes Special talks, series of Guest lectures to name a few.


Message from Head of Department

Psychology is a field which is growing in popularity as well as applicability. In today’s world psychological skills are found to be helpful in different areas like health, family, law, military, sports, media . Study of psychology will enable an individual to understand behavior scientifically and objectively. It plays an important role in self-development and also the development of the society. Several challenges of today’s world require development of greater self-awareness and self-management among human beings. Study of psychology may be useful for the learner to understand themselves and the environment and form a meaningful relationship with the physical as well as social environment.

Our Team

Ms. Trupti M. Nawar

Ms. Trupti M. Nawar

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