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With education and work profiles moving towards skill-based training, multi-lingual abilities and cultural sensitivity have become must-haves on a candidate’s job profile. The Foreign Language Centre (FLC) at Ruia College aims to respond to the language needs of students and to develop their multi-lingual abilities at all levels of study, to become proficient language users, to prepare students to be inter-culturally competent, develop multicultural sensitivities to appreciate the idea of diversity and cultural tolerance. FLC at Ruia is a great place to learn a language, whether for study, work or just for fun. We provide diverse learning resources, qualified and experienced professionals, activity-based learning so that learning a language is both enjoyable and rewarding. All our Certificate Courses are credit-bearing courses that students can take up along with their Undergraduate studies. One can choose from a variety of modern languages both European as well as Asian, including English, French, German, and Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Korean, to prepare for global demands.

Course Highlights

Short term Certificates, aligned with International Certifications
Focus on 4 language learning abilities -speaking, reading, listening and writing
Small batch size
Certified Trainers 
Affordable Fee structure
Standard Level Progression – Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
Activity based learning – interactions with native speakers, learning through art and culture
Course Completion Certificates
03 Credits / 45+ Hours Certificate Course
Preparation for International Certifications


Best Practices

  •  Guest lectures with native speakers, translators, interpreters, industry experts 
  •  Cultural experiences through movie and musical show screenings, culinary and art gatherings, book reading clubs
  •  Add – on modules on conversation, art and culture, tourism, business etiquettes, etc


Eligibility CRITERIA

All FLC Courses are AGE-NO-BAR courses providing life-long learning opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Message from Head of Department

We, at Ruia FLC have an open vision and specialize in short-term and intensive credited language courses. Wishing to answer the global need and demand for trained professionals with multilingual abilities, Ruia FLC has set up a coherent teaching system and curriculum which will help students to effectively use the languages in their academic and professional lives.

Best-selling author Haruki Murakami says that “Learning a language is like becoming another person”. Every language that you learn adds a new facet to your personality. Whether you want to enhance your research skills, read more widely, communicate with people and travel easily, propel your career prospects globally or simply learn something new, Ruia’s Foreign Language Centre looks forward to welcoming you!

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