The Department of Sanskrit was established in year 1937. The department was formerly headed by great Sanskrit scholars such as Prof. R.R. Deshpande, Prof. G. A. Kulkarni, Dr. Manjusha Gokhale. There are only four colleges in Mumbai University which offer Sanskrit as a major subject at TYBA level, Ruia as one of them. The department has been enriched by eminent faculty who have also contributed to the world of research such as Prof. Mahashabde, Prof. T. K. Tope, Dr. M. D. Paradkar, Prof. S.Y. Shinde, Prof. V.V. Bhandare, Prof. A. Tulapurkar and Prof. Alka Bakre. It has glorious history of University toppers at TYBA (Sanskrit). The department is also recognized as Ph.D center by University of Mumbai. So far Four Students have acquired Ph.D degree under the able guidance of Dr. Manjusha Gokhale. It is noteworthy that students of Department present research papers in University, State, National and International Level.


1) Introducing various branches of knowledge in Sanskrit like Literature, Philosophy, Sciences, Grammar etc. 

2) Acquaint Students with rich Sanskrit literature 

3) Encouraging students to understand importance of interdisciplinary studies in

i) Sciences in Sanskrit and studies in the branches of Modern Sciences

ii) Sanskrit Literature and Humanities i

ii) Sanskrit Literature and various Art forms like Dance, Drama, Painting etc.

4) Planning activities to create awareness about Moral values depicted in Sanskrit Literature and also the techniques of mind control, rational thinking etc. through Bhagavadgeeta, Yoga, Vedanta etc.

5) Developing aptitude for research in various branches in Sanskrit Literature.


Best Practices

Celebration of “Kalidasa Dina”Department of Sanskrit celebrated ‘Kalidasa Dina’ on Wednesday 21st August 2019 during10:30am – 1:00pm. This day carries great importance in the field of Sanskrit. On this occasion, eminent painter Mr. Vasudev Kamath was invited as the chief guest and the speaker.  The celebration commenced with the prayer of God Ganesh, sung by students of Sanskrit Department. It was followed by the introductory speech by Dr. Vaishali Dabke. Principal Dr. Anushree Lokur felicitated the chief guest. Ms. Mugdha Deshpande introduced the speaker.Mr. Vasudev Kamath spoke on the topic ‘Chitrakaracya drushtikonatun Kalidasa’. He spoke with reference to his own paintings painted with the theme ‘Kalidasanurupam’ based on Abhjnyanashakuntalam and Meghadutam composed by Kalidasa. He beautifully narrated the journey of these theme based paintings from conceiving the idea to actual creation of paintings. During the speech paintings were displayed through PPT which made the lecture extremely interesting and enlightening. The lecture was followed by the performance of a play ‘Shakuntalm-eka kathapravasa’ based on Shakuntalopakhyana in the Mahabharata and Abhjnyanashakuntalam of Kalidasa by students of Sanskrit Department. The play was enjoyed by the audience. Ms. Mrunal Patki proposed vote of thanks.


Activities of the Department

Organization of National and State level festival and seminars, based on great poets and their compositions is a unique feature of Sanskrit Department. So far Department has successfully organized Bhasa Mahotsava, Rasa Mahotsava, Ramayan Mahotsava, Mahabharat Mahotsava and Shankara Mahotsava. These festivals comprise of speeches of scholars, performances of plays and vocal recital of renowned artists, based on the theme of the festival. 


Message from Head of Department

As per the mission statement of Sanskrit Department “Let Sanskrit language always be victorious” we the department as a whole is committed to propagate and popularize Sanskrit language and Literature through various ways, apart from syllabi like conducting certificate courses, workshops and various literary and cultural activities. Department is also looking forward to expand these activities by involving more and more students. 
So let’s join hands together to extend these activities and unfold the treasure in Sanskrit

Our Team

Dr. Namrata B Jagtap

Dr. Namrata B Jagtap

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Dr. Vaishali Dabke

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