The department of Marathi has been established in the year 1937. The department started its march under the able guidance of Prof. N.R. Phatak, who was a famous critic, author, thorough researcher, and a journalist. He was a multi-faceted and a multitalented personality. The department has a history of many stalwarts associated with it like renowned poet Prof. Vasant Bapat, scholar Prof. D.K. Kelkar, a renowned critic Prof. S.P. Bhagwat (प्रा. श्री. पु. भागवत), great scholar Dr. Sarojini Vaidya, social activist Prof. Pushpa Bhave, a famous critic Prof. Meena Gokhale, etc. All these faculty members have enriched the department and the department cherishes this tradition to date. We are trying to achieve new feats and grow every day.


Overall personality development of the students

To generate interest in Marathi literature and language

To improve the proficiency of Marathi language within the students

We aim to improve the reasoning power, creative expression and develop effective oratory, writing ad researching skills within the students

To inculcate modern moral values, rationality, building team spirit and leadership qualities in students

Mentoring of the students

Taking care of various differently privileged group of students

Sensitizing students for several cultural, environmental and social issues

Making the students responsible citizens of the country


Best Practices

1. Library orientation

2. Departmental library

3. Special corner created for students with Display Board (काचफलक)

4. Remedial coaching 

5. Learning with peers 

6. Workshops for imparting skills

7. Inculcating research culture

8. Experience sharing with past students to encourage peer learning  


Activities of the Department

Marathi Vangmay Mandal is an important association of Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College. It has a rich tradition from the very beginning. It is an age-old association which has been there right from the inception of the college. We have been the recipients of many prestigious awards and prizes through various competitions including overall championships viz. ‘Naandi’, ‘Jallosh’, ‘Maay Marathi’, etc. The revised name for this association is ‘Marathi Bhasha ani Vangmay Mandal’. There has been a circular issued by the Government of Maharashtra that every college needs to have a Marathi Vangmay Mandal irrespective of having a Marathi department in the college. This is an important step to preserve the culture and the rich-tradition that the Marathi Vangmay Mandal offers. In our college Marathi Vangmay Mandal becomes an inseparable part of Marathi Department. It plays a vital role in shaping students personality. 


Message from Head of Department

The department of Marathi is extremely student-centric with a lot of activities conducted regularly. We are a very vibrant department and we have a strong bond with the students in the department. We conduct educational tours and field visits every year. The students of our department have opted for various career fields and have achieved great heights in them. Eminent Alumni of our department such as Renowned critic Prof. S.P. Bhagwat (प्रा. श्री. पु. भागवत) , Newsreader and Professor Anant Bhave, Wine lady Achala Joshi. As well as our students played vital role in the field of Creative Writing, Media, Aakashwani, Social Work, Education, Government Sector, Research Work, Translation, Entertainment Industry, Music, Literature, Television Industry, Folk Media, Event Management, Technology, Entrepreneur, Freelancer, etc.     We have a lot of collaborative activities with prestigious institutions like University of Mumbai, Rajya Marathi Vikas Sanstha, Marathi Abhyas Kendra, Mumbai Marathi Sahitya Sangha, Sane Guruji National Trust, Popular Publication House, Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishthan, Sahitya Academy etc. We have encouraged undergraduate students to be a part of Avishkar which is an undergraduate student research activity. I firmly believe that we, as a department should work towards helping students to develop their overall personality and build their confidence so that they can strongly pursue a career of their own choice. We believe that preparing students to make informed decisions would value add to their personalities and channelize their thoughts in the right direction.
Dr. Leena Kedare

Our Team

Mrs. Shilpa Neve

Mrs. Shilpa Neve

Dr. Leena Kedare

Dr. Leena Kedare

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